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The HEALING OF MAGIC applications are aimed at the entire spectrum to include developmental disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities, gerontology, and specific disease related deficits. For many years, magic therapy has successfully been used in acute care, rehabilitation, outpatient hand therapy and pediatrics.

The level of physical and intellectual load is changing in the process of training and depends on needs and capabilities of patients.


HOW the program works:


(a) Therapists select clients they believe will benefit from learning magic tricks in the therapy sessions.

(b) The magician and the therapist choose tricks from the HEALING OF MAGIC manual that accomplish specific goals - like building eye/hand coordination, improving grasp and release, or building self-esteem and confidence.

(c) The Magician teaches these tricks to the client, helping them to understand and follow the simple directions and movements required to perform the trick. Over the course of the next week, the therapist will follow up with the client so it’s important that the therapist learn the trick as well.

(d) Depending on how you set up your program, the magician generally volunteers to make a weekly visit to the hospital for about an hour. This allows the magician to work with the same client when he/she returns to perfect the finer points of presentation. This is the exciting part for the magician. Combining the skills of the magician with those of the therapist provides motivation and enthusiasm for the client to reach their rehabilitative goals. The magician helps to move the client beyond just doing “magic moves” to actually performing a “magic effect.” The magician helps them add the polish and patter so they can entertain their family and friends. The magician assists in giving them the gift of achievement and confidence while enabling them to regain skills lost as a result of their diagnosis. What an exciting and wonderful thing magicians can offer to people!

(e) Once a client has mastered the effect, the magician and the therapist choose new tricks that are slightly more difficult and demand more of the client...and the process begins again. Teaching, learning, perfecting, performing, and entertaining.

That’s it. As a member of the “team,” the magician can have a significant impact on the recovery and rehabilitation of a client.

When several clients are involved, plan a small show for family and friends. By convention with the administration it is possible to give the participants diplomas, gifts in token of mastering new tricks.

The magicians bring all necessary items with them and leave for clients, so that the patients will have the resources in order to make the magic possible. Establishments and clients don’t bear any expenses! A magician will keep record of tricks learnt and together with the therapist follow the dynamics of the success of the participants.

The possibilities of this program are limited only by your imagination!