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The world-famous magician David Copperfield is one of the founders of “the magical therapy”.  In 1982, he helped launch the “Magic Project” in Memorial Hospital of Daniel Freeman in Inglewood, California, USA. Even now, when he has free time, Copperfield organizes meetings and seminars with activists of the program from all over the world.

American illusionists Kevin and Cindy Spencer, Copperfield’s friends, founded the program “The Healing of Magic” in 1984. Their seminars in USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Macao and Hong Kong made the illusionists and the program popular all over the world.




The Spencers coordinate realization of hospital and rehabilitation seminars in different countries; they try to introduce the program to people who can benefit from it.

Kevin and Cindy Spencer shared the concepts of “The Healing of magic” through a live satellite teleconferences, various seminars and occupational therapy conventions. You’ll find some of their videos in the “Media” section on our Web-site.

Today the program “Healing of Magic” is working in more than 30 countries and 2500 establishments. In December, 2009 it has become possible to introduce the program in Belarus with the help of Belarussian Association of the UNESCO clubs. The manager of the program in Belarus is Vitali Pavlogradsky. Our birthday is December 5th, as that was the day of the first magic class in The Social service house in Tarasovo village, Minsk region.

In Grodno our program has started on April, 2010, and now it takes place in State Centre of  Development Training and Rehabilitation in Grodno и Grodno City Centre of Rehabilitation for Children With Physical and Mental Disabilities. In May, 2010 we started to work in Mosty town (Grodno region) in two rehabilitation facility. In September, 2010 the program started in Borisov (Minsk district).

Now more than 1000 disabled children and adults have participated in the program.

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