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Расписание занятий

- четверг 16 февраля - 10:00 – Дом социального служения в дер. Тарасово.

Information for volunteer magicians 


We  will be glad to meet our new volunteers!

It is not necessary to be a professional or amateur magician, the main points are willingness to help people, sociability and a bit of artistry. We will give you the necessary skills and experience. You’ll be surprised by the amount of positive energy and satisfaction you’ll find in your work, helping other people.

A magician is a part of ‘team’ which helps the patient to get closer to the results of rehabilitation. A magician is the main motivational stimulus for a patient. During his or her first visit, a magician teaches a patient a magical trick. A therapist keeps on working on the trick with a patient during next few days. A magician comes again and helps a patient to improve his or her skills in performing the trick. A magician makes an important contribution in raisingthe patient’s self-worth. He or she helps a patient to move from making ‘simple steps in magic’ to ‘the real performance of magical trick’. When the trick is fully mastered by a patient, the process starts again with another trick.

The program essentially depends on the dedication of a magician and a therapist. A magician should have at least one hour a week to work with the patients. On the other hand, if there is a ‘magician club’ in your region, some of the members could take part in the program a few times a week. These visits consist of two parts: 1) learning the basic points of the trick with patients, and 2) the next visit to help patients to master the trick.




Volunteers are trained during special seminars, where they are given theoretical information and practical skills of performing tricks and the ability to teach tricks. After the seminars they are able to teach patients, first couple of times under the direction of experienced colleagues, later – independently.


Why should I do this?

Benefits for volunteer magician

- It is a great opportunity to share your talent and eagerness to communicate with those, who could really benefit from it. “The Healing of Magic” influences the quality of life of people and with your help and assistance the program will continue to bring help, happiness and self-esteem for those people, who need it the most.

- Investing your time and efforts in the program of magical therapy you develop your magical art and spread its influence on many people.

- Acknowledgement of the other people and self-satisfaction, which you’ll obtain taking part in such an interesting and stimulating program, will do well to your relationships with people.

- Joy, which you’ll experience while helping other people, is impossible to describe.

- Our program is an excellent school of communicating. Having already obtained the experience of our job, you’ll always feel confident making public presentations or speeches.





If you feel the willingness to help – contact us!